Slide A story that begins in 1983 Automated mobile plants for the
production of Concrete, Cementitious
Mixtures and Cold asphalt.
BLEND PLANTS blendplants


Innovation is a fundamental feature of our activity: an experience of almost forty years, combined with the attention for the aspects of the construction industry, make us aware of the critical issues and needs of our customers, in order to develop solutions that will have a beneficial impact on their activity. Our goal therefore is to offer equipment to improve the quality, the efficiency, and profitability of our customers’ work: we make the difference!



Concrete mobile plants



High output plant



Horizontal silos



Mobile plants for railway



We have been producing mobile mixing plants since 1983

  • 1983

    Volumetric Machine and Swiveling Screw Mixer

    Volumetric Machine and Swiveling Screw Mixer.

  • 1995

    Volumetric Machine and Horizontal Screw Mixer

    Introduction of Volumetric Machine and Horizontal Screw Mixer.

  • 2003

    Volumetric Machine

    Volumetric Machine, Horizontal Screw Mixer, Cement Dosing with Rotary Valve.

  • 2004

    Plant with Cement Weighing on Screw

    Plant with Cement Weighing on Screw, Horizontal Screw Mixer.

  • 2007

    First Non-Volumetric Plant

    Cement weighed by negative weighing. Greater precision in dosing.

  • Greater Output

    New Plants with Greater Output.

  • 2010

    Blend A200

    A New Versatile and Flexible Plant with High Production Capacity.

  • 2011

    For a period production in Argentina

    For a period production in  Argentina.

  • 2013

    Plant with High Precision in Dosing

    Innovative Sensors for Better Control of the Material, Production of High Quality Structural Concretes.

  • 2015

    Pumping System with Boom – Special Plants – London Underground

    Pumping System with Boom, Special Plants, London Underground

  • 2016

    Horizontal Silos and Betonblock Moulds

    Cement Horizontal Silos and Betonblock Moulds.

  • 2017

    MX08 Concrete Agitators

    MX08 Concrete Agitators.

  • 2018

    Blend C019 and A240

    Live Bottom Material Handler C019 High Output Plant A240.

  • 2019

    E025 on 4×4 and Cifa Easyfloor By Blend

    Mobile plant E025 4×4, Pumping Machine.

  • 2020

    Blend E015 – A240.2 – A240.4

    Mobile Plant E015 also 4×4, A240 with 2 and 4 aggregates.

Parts List 6-Parts List-HO-Casting

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Part List 7

Part List 7. AIR BREATHER MODEL NO. SF6710, 2000 PSI. KIT 3184087 REP. KIT SB330/400-4 ECO. RETURN FILTER RFM BN/HC 1650 B D 20 E1. FILTER 312573 MFP 160 AGE 10 A 0.0/-B0. CARDAN SHAFT 2040SAE LZ700 LA110- D203. HYDR.


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BOGVIK Customized Impact Plate - Bogvik Daily

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HUB-CASES – Premium, tanks and WoT gold at a super price

Best cases WOT. Cards. Guess where is the best prize. Minefield. Blow up mines and get prizes. Raffle gold. Do not miss your chance! FAQ. Answers to frequently asked questions. Help. online help. HUB-CASES. Best cases, tanks and gold. WORLD OF TANKS. Players. 182501. Online. 29. promo codes In our VKontakte group! Log in in any convenient way ...

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Update 1.0: Info Hub — All the Info, One Place

Feb 19, 2018 · Start your 1.0 journey today with our dedicated information hub. Over the coming weeks, the page will be constantly updated with all the details on new features and what World of Tanks 1.0 will bring. Visit the Hub . Keep your eyes peeled for more articles coming, but for now, take a look and even download the Beta client!

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HUB- Recruitment - General Discussion

Mar 08, 2014 · -HUB- Recruitment - posted in General Discussion: Hello to all the potential greats out there! Welcome to the Hub! We are here to help you become a player that will be coveted by top-rated clans. We have a unique training system that involves being trained in all 4 classes of tank, learning the subtle nuances of each, ultimately leading to the profiency test.

Orientation Guide: Lesson Plan

Orientation Guide Hub. Orientation Guide: Lesson Plan; Missions; Comprising a total of 10 lessons, the Orientation Guide automatically delivers each new lesson in the form of a pop-up screen every 5 battles, with the final one appearing after your 50th battle in World of Tanks.

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[Directory Use Case] Add non-WoT device to smart home hub

As a user I want to add a non-WoT device to my smart home hub so that it can be monitored and controlled through my smart home software as a web thing. In this scenario the user wants to pair a smart home device using a non-web or non-in...

Consumables for World War II and Cold War Mode


The Game HUD (Heads Up Display)


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World of Tanks Clan Portal

Clans in World of Tanks. Plunge into the battle for resources and territories and receive unique awards. Join a clan to discover a new world of battles!

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World of Tanks Blitz. Choose the new absolutely free-to-play massively multiplayer online game and get involved in tank battles with vehicles from the middle of ...

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Best premium tanks for silver farming in WoT

Previously, in the game World of Tanks, you could earn silver on tanks of level 6-8, but now, the wargaming policy has changed, and you can only actively earn in-game currency on premium tanks. All premium vehicles have different technical characteristics, which divides tankers into different opinions about the best tanks for earning money.

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Balluff offers you a high-quality product range with enormous versatility: sensors and systems for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. We offer a spectrum of networking and connectivity technology for a high-performance infrastructure, as ...



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